Winter Tangerine Review Directors

Director of Social Media

Ava Goga is a highschooler and poet from Reno, Nevada. Her poetry has been featured in magazines such as the Adriot Journal, the Claremont Review, and the Blue Pencil. When she's not writing (which is most of the time), you can find her in her room desperately trying to keep her houseplants alive.

Director of Web Design

AK Afferez

Director of Cinematography

Amanda Prager

Director of Manuscript

Jennifer Huang currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but was born in the Maryland suburbs. She studies fine arts and creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University and will graduate in 2016. Her art practice usually involves embroidering, quilting, and short text, but she would like to explore screen printing greeting cards that have nothing to do with the holidays. In her spare time, she walks dogs and does barista things at a local coffee shop. She has two pets: a dog (Brady, cocker spaniel) and a rat (Daphne). She loves animals, cappuccinos, stupid jokes, and bacon, as well as taking road trips and trying new recipes.