Winter Tangerine Review Editors

Art Editors

Melissa Arellano grew up wandering through the shady mountain trails and breezy ocean shores of the West Coast. She began accumulating personal coloring books and sketchbooks at an early age thanks to her painterly grandmother. To this day she floods her sketchbooks with the ramblings, drawings and dreams of an adventurous old soul in search of new wisdom.  In 2012 she graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and a minor in Anthropology.  Her selected studies mirrored her admiration for the subtle differences between the familiar and the strange. She currently works at a private art gallery in Southern California and continues to maneuver her personal art practice through the imaginative realms in which she visits frequently.

Jennifer Huang currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but was born in the Maryland suburbs. She studies fine arts and creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University and will graduate in 2016. Her art practice usually involves embroidering, quilting, and short text, but she would like to explore screen printing greeting cards that have nothing to do with the holidays. In her spare time, she walks dogs and does barista things at a local coffee shop. She has two pets: a dog (Brady, cocker spaniel) and a rat (Daphne). She loves animals, cappuccinos, stupid jokes, and bacon, as well as taking road trips and trying new recipes.

Theresia Zimmermann lives in Germany commuting between her home town and the city where she studies Educational Sciences, after taking two years of advanced art classes she continued creating art and illustrating stories. She passionately collects illustrated children’s books and dreams of publishing her own book one day. Theresia is influenced by her family that consists mostly of chemists. She enjoys scientific mysteries as well as nature documentary films. She loves pineapple cake.

Poetry Editors

Madison Archard is a 20-year-old poet attending the Johns Hopkins University to get her degree in Writing Seminars. She enjoys reading, singing, binge watching Netflix, and petting dogs of all breeds. She hails from Pennsylvania, an excellent state with very few natural disasters. You can find her work in Postscript Journal, Jmag, and Vctr Magazine. In general, she considers herself a happy person.

Shakthi Shrima is from Austin, TX. Her poetry has appeared in The Louisville Review and The James Franco Review, amongst others, and she has been recognized as a finalist by the National YoungArts Foundation. Shakthi will be a freshman at Princeton University in the fall. She loves numbers, dark lipstick, and the idea of snow.

Alana Solin, Bronx-born and New Jersey-raised, currently attends Columbia University. Her work has been featured in places such as Polyphony H.S. and Columbia’s independent literary magazine 4x4. She is also known as Miley Cyrus by an unfortunately high number of people who pass her on the street.

Prose Editors

Vanessa Willoughby is a freelance writer and a full-time editor. Her work has appeared on, but not limited to the following: The Toast, The Hairpin, The Huffington Post, Bitch, Nerve, and Literally, Darling. She tweets @book_nerd212.

Stefan Yambao is a law student interested in writing about life in small towns and promoting diversity in Western literature and media.