Rorschachs and Russian Dolls
Alice Eris Urchin


I opened your letter and saw "I'd rather we not speak"
I unfastened your request for the dissolution of us and out fell a soggy jewelry box
I forced open the waterlogged box and inside was a rusty wedding ring
I cracked open the ring and found that you'd failed to remember your prescription
I uncapped your forgotten pill bottle and realized that I was the sick one
I unhinged my skull and inside I found you pole dancing
I drilled a hole in the pole and peeked inside to find you taking out my nipple piercings
I unscrewed the left barbell and found that I had once been a commodity
I tore open my torso and inside was a girl who believed I was God
I pulled back God's curtain and revealed that I’d been making up rules as I went along
I burned up the rules and in the ashes found that I needed you more than I could admit
I unwrapped my own neediness and inside was a history of tangled dishonesty
I unknotted those lies and at the center I found that I look for love amongst brambles
I weeded through the needles and thorns and there you were again dressed as a nun
I unzipped your dress and ripped off your habit and inside was a bitter white banshee
I unrolled the holy ghost and found that I'd rather we not speak



Alice Eris Urchin is a queer feminist poet and storyteller living in New Orleans. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous literary journals and magazines including Crack the SpineSkin to Skin: the Art of the LesbianSheets of SoundThe Diverse Arts Project Journal, and From the Depths. She works as a copyeditor at an advertising agency by day and by night performs at poetry slams, draws and writes comics, and works on her first novel. More of her work can be found at