Statement in Support of Minority Communities, for the Total Resistance to a Donald Trump Presidency and Administration, and for the Ultimate Destruction of White Supremacy and Patriarchal Rule

On November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump won the 45th Presidential Election of the United States of America. Throughout his campaign and career, Trump has spouted hatred and bigotry, targeting this nation’s most vulnerable, displaying his complete lack of compassion and respect for minority communities. He rallied the worst of the American people and gave them a platform. His brand of white supremacy was blatant. He stood on national stages and discriminated against brown and black people, against women, against the LGBTQIA+ community, against the disabled community, against anyone who is not a cishetero white man. We all know the things he said and the things he did. We know how and why his candidacy was embraced by millions.


White supremacy and white patriarchy is a disease and a curse. These systems of power are bled into the very fabric of American society: the laws that govern us, the history we are taught, the high majority of media conglomerates, the functions of daily life. These systems are directly responsible for the deaths of millions, worldwide. The structures that allow for Trump’s rhetoric to thrive need to be destroyed. This is not new information -- this fight is centuries long.


Donald Trump is a symptom of white supremacy. Donald Trump is the poster boy. He is one man but he represents a large demographic of United States citizens. He represents the hatred and violence that has ruled this country from the moment Columbus stepped foot on this land. Systems of oppression are larger than Donald Trump, and like the many-headed hydra, getting rid of Donald Trump will only breed another and another and another.

We do not support Donald Trump or his rise to power. Simply naming this will not stop him from calling the White House home come January, however. Simply stating this will not stop him exploiting the presidential office to enact violence on the oppressed people of our country and our world. Now, more than ever, we must work. We must lift our communities up.  We must be upfront about white supremacy, the patriarchy, and the many dangerous offshoots that these systems produce. We must hold ourselves and our peers accountable. We must educate ourselves and all our people on the history of the ideas that allow Donald Trump to gain and retain power. We must push towards a better, safer future.

This alliance aims to create opportunities, platforms, and connections for those dismantling systems of oppression. This is not a passive signature. This is an obligation. Small as it may be, this is a movement. We will unlearn oppressive behavior within ourselves and do the work to deconstruct these systems within the small and large communities that make up our lives. We hope to begin this alliance with an open-forum discussion on real, actionable strategies to affect change.

The fight is not over. We must work together to protest, to dissent, to make it known that we are fighting back. We must hold ourselves and our peers accountable. We must stand for what is right. Ultimately, we must stand for what is right.



If you wish to join the alliance on behalf of yourself or an organization you represent, please email

Created by Winter Tangerine, in collaboration with the Adroit Journal and Apricity Magazine