NO GOOD FAITH || by Audrey St. Vincent

from 'Warm Takes', a Sphinxx column



The election is today. We’re stuck between two candidates, one a war hawk career-politician with ties to thousands of deaths of innocent civilians in drone strikes over the years, and the other a literal Hitler prototype. There’s also an anti-vaxxer and whatever Gary Johnson is, but they’re not real candidates to be blunt. So how do you vote? Do you vote your conscience? Do you avoid the polls because you know neither option is good? No, you go out and you vote Hillary. I’m not With Her™, please don’t think I am, but voting is not a personal thing. Your voting does not reflect your deep inner self, it is a representation of civil liberties, it is a dedication to your community. There’s no good faith decision, there’s no best case scenario, but there is a way to alleviate some pressure, some suffering. Clinton is a liar, like all politicians, and she is ruthless. But she is a politician and so she knows how to deal with the public and can make her own informed decisions. As we saw with Bush, an inept president can do incredible damage. It’s also important to remember that Donald is a pedophile and a rapist. One of the Jane Does who had a lawsuit against him from a sexual assault case when she was 13 was recently bullied into dropping her charges against him. Lisa Bloom, the attorney representing Jane Doe and several other women who have claims against Donald, says that Doe experienced terror and threats after coming forward and was even too afraid to give a press conference retracting her suit. There’s something inhumanly evil inside Donald, and whereas Clinton is evil too, she is a political and corporate evil that this country has always been run on. Donald is an incendiary evil, one that poisons and infects a community. Save your community and realize your vote doesn’t reflect who you are but the values you want to maintain for the people around you. You don’t need to walk away from the voting booths tomorrow feeling good about yourself, you don’t even need to feel hopeful. Sometimes doing the right thing tastes sour.