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Honeysuckle Press, WT’s sister press, is proud to present Adolescence, Secondhand by Francisco Delgado!

Introduced by Craig Santos Perez, Adolescence, Secondhand offers flashes of boyhood through a subtle dissection of class, race, and the failure of American suburban dreams. Houses burn and firecrackers pop while children navigate the ever-present violences that float within their lives. The writing is succinct and fantastical -- Delgado poignantly renders a world of ache, wonder, and longing onto the page. These stories are tightly crafted and quietly crushing: within them, we bear witness to a multitude of griefs, and the joys hidden and discovered in their core.

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I always thought that a cello looks like a swan: a long slender neck curving into rounded hips. Perséfone, a girl with the gravest of expressions, could be either the cello buried in her bedroom, resplendent but untouched, an instrument with no voice; or the swan sailing across the water, alone and determined.

— from Perséphone in the Summer, Mónica Teresa Ortiz

To celebrate October, we hosted our first annual #WTchCraftChallenge, a 31 day writing prompt challenge — check out all the prompts for some witchy inspiration now! ✨✨

What a joy it is to announce the first cohort of the Winter Tangerine Fellowship!

Our 2018 fellows are Siaara Freeman, Lyrik Courtney, Golden, kiki nicole, & Yujane Chen!

These writers marvel and shimmer. Their writing is bold and luminous, and the urgency and insight of their work undeniably moved us. 

Click here for more info on our fellows & excerpts from their work.