Volume Three

Liah Paterson x Winter Tangerine 



About four years ago, I was on a school field trip to Sacramento. On the way back, the bus stopped at this Taco Bell that was in the middle of nowhere, like right beyond the parking lot was this big field. Anyways, in this field was the carcass of a cow. My friends and I had some time to kill before getting on the bus so we played this game of “who can get closest to the rotting cattle corpse” which was kinda gross. The game pretty much ended when my friend actually touched it but then this girl who was with us who I didn’t know very well decided to one up him and she climbed onto the cow and stood on it. For a second she was really triumphant but then there was this ripping sound and we all watched in horror as she fell into the body of the cow. Like. She was knee deep in the corpse of this cow. There was blood up to her knees and it was old and smelled disgusting. She had to change into another pair of pants and wash her shoes in the Taco Bell bathroom I swear to God it was the most surreal experience of my life.