Winter Tangerine's second volume includes extraordinary poetry, prose and art from creative minds like Cameron Walker, Ricky Garni, Tony Luciani, Julia Hogan, Pierre Chaumont and many more!  


You may read poems and short stories from Volume Two by clicking their bolded titles below. If you would like to read more, order today!



Apparitions/Notes on Apparitions, Sojourner Ahebee

Future Office Girl, Crunching Numbers, Lucy Wainger 

Inequitable Accidents, Kamden Hilliard 

Anesthetic, Peter LaBerge

Love Poem for Diagnostic, Victoria White 

Oblivion, Zoe Nove

Bedford Heaven, Rachel Calnek-Sugin

Sophie, Existing, Miles Hewitt 

Prologue for My Brother, Melissa Cundieff-Pexa

Poem for Virgin Starfish, Peter LaBerge

The Dark Hours, Talin Tahajian 

Five Hundred and Counting, Sabrina Chen

Ice Cream, Ricky Garni 

Vietnam, Carlos Sanchez

Elephant Grave, Victoria White 

18 July, 1918: SM UC-1's Disappearance, Paul David Adkins

Hunger in the Spring of 1945: Tokyo, Japan, Paul David Adkins

Diet Pepsi, Molly McGinnis

Off the Map, Allison Light 

Nebraska, Leah Barber

Whiskey with Diomedes, Mark Petrie 

Accident, 1983, Jonathan Greenhause 

Survivor Guilt, Rachel Lewyn 

When Coldstone Creamery First Opened, Hanel Baveja

Beautiful Cigar Girl, Leah Angstman 

Cold Call, Meggie Royer 

Histopathology, Julia Tompkins 

Thunder, Lightning, Miles Hewitt

The Signal, Dan Encarnacion

Eddie Guerrero's Last Frog Splash, W. Todd Kaneko

Just After or Right Around, Denver Butson

This is a Museum Called, Denver Butson




A Day in His Country, Terese Svoboda

All Saints, Cameron Walker

My New York (New York Isn't Mine), Lucy Wainger

Bench; Two Hundred Eleven Degrees, Lily Zalon

Resources, Chad Simpson

Molly, Rachel Calnek-Sugin

Paul Tibets' Mother Killed 200,000 Japanese Men, Women and Children, Tim O'Donnell

Porches, Julia Hogan

A Short History of Myopia, Eda Tse

Hard to Get, Ratty St. John


Bee Series, Amanda Carlson
Man Seeks God, Antonio Ivan Estevez
Entire Worlds Afire, Antonio Ivan Estevez
The Smile, ARINA
Wonder Woman, Tony Luciani
The Maury, Devon Banks
Body Hands, Nina Lodico
Zebras, Nina Lodico
Night Furies, Wanda Waldera
Fairy Tale D4, Steven Labadessa
Night Works, Wanda Waldera
What is to Come, Trinh Mai Thach
Kingston Road Motels, Dylan McArthur
How I Am Isolated, Peter LaBerge
Even in Darkness, Trinh Mai Thach
Fall of Troy, Antonio Ivan Estevez
Imbroglio, Antonio Ivan Estevez
If Metal Could Cry, Peter LaBerge
During the Silence, Trinh Mai Thach
Santa Rita Cem/Fox to Fox, Jeremiah Ibarra
Sunny, Pierre Chaumont
Blame, Cameron Blandford
At Long Last, Zara Kand
Healing with Florets, Zara Kand
The Journey Unfolds, Zara Kand
Visual Text I, Youdhisthir Maharjan
Sleeping with the Dictionary, Youdhisthir Maharjan
Language Older Than Words, Youdhisthir Maharjan
Silent Wind, Tony Luciani
Zonotrichia Albicollis, Susan Rotondo
Columbia Livia, Strix Occidentalis Caurina, Susan Rotondo
Knot of Magdalene, Lisa Sterle
Mask, Sabina Siskova
Bold 80's Teens, Karl Somers
Al Morgan and His Toy Boys, Ken Morgan
Lost, Colleen Stark