All of this is perhaps best enjoyed, as the title of AM Ringwalt’s poem suggests, as a prayer with a glass of coconut milk.

This volume includes work from J.H. Yun, Kristin Chang, Emily O'Neill, Duarte Vitória, Helen Lowery, and other fantastic writers and artists.

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Jack's Bleeding Heart, Eda Tse




Ancestry, Erin Mayer

Lineage, J.H Yun

peregrinación, Dainiz Almazan

Iconography, Alicja Zapalska

Time Lapse of a Young Woman, Megan Peak

Precision, Maggie Bailey

Shalosh, Jesi Bender

Poem for Johnny Appleseed, Meggie Royer

The First Sign of Weeds, Kristina England

The Girl With the Willow Wrists, Anna Xie

Coming Clean, Olivia Olson

Little Death, Krysten Hill

Nina Simone at Olympia, Krysten Hill

To Sylvia Plath, On her Birthday, Robin Reiss

School, Laura Madeline Wiseman

Arrival of the Circus, Ellie Rogers

My Daughter Watching Horses, CL Bledsoe

My Vanishing is a Familiar Breathlessly Arrived, Christina Veladota

A Brief Novel of the Other Yesterday, Christina Veladota

They Pry Open Doubly, Kelly Morse

Paper Son, Teow Lim Goh

Drie Safe, Denver Butson

One Flock, Scott Montgomery

Manhattan 100th Street, Gabriel Cabrera

Career Criminals, Emily O'Neill

Census Counting Guidelines, Alexandra Stasiuk

What Would I Say, Anna Meister

dream in, 10, Kristin Chang

Prayer w/ a Glass of Coconut Milk, AM Ringwalt

Of Nature, AM Ringwalt


Flesh Collision, Duarte Vitória

Madness, Duarte Vitória

O Grito, Duarte Vitória

Form, Kristin Thalin

Closed In, Kristin Thalin

Pearls Before Swine, Kristin Thalin

In Loving Memory of, Kristin Thalin

Aorta Blooms, Evelyn Zhang

Conor, Ghislaine Fremaux

Driven, Ghislaine Fremaux

Lift, Ghislaine Fremaux

Peristalsis, Ghislaine Fremaux

Act on Canvas 1&2, Patryk Hadas

Icon, Duarte Vitória

Freedom, Duarte Vitória

Winter Bones, Meggie Royer

3617 Dystopia pt. 1 & 2, Jonathan Deltour

Visual Text #45, Youdhisthir Maharjan

All I, Nicole Marino

Levee, Lydia Larson

Crater House, Lydia Larson

Mutual, Lydia Larson

United They Stood, Antonio Estevez

Robot, Girlfriend, Anne Wedler

Shower, Anne Wedler

Play, Anne Wedler

Escape With Bike, Anne Wedler

Shore, Anne Wedler

Mask Series, Alea Hurst

Fairy Tale 1, Steven Labadessa

Insoluble and Like a Sponge, Helen Lowery

Rooted to Suffer the Wind, Helen Lowery

The View, Catherine Roberts Leach

Black and White, Catherine Roberts Leach

Pool View, Catherine Roberts Leach

Crossword, Patryk Hadas

Fever, Patryk Hadas

Ewa TV, Patryk Hadas

Janusz TV, Patryk Hadas

Green Box, Patryk Hadas

Perfect Fit, Su Wan Kim

El Che, Nicolas Amortegui

If Only, Anat Ronen

Are We Really Free?, Anat Ronen

Recent Landscapes, Justin Kim

Gelled Confidentiality, Carla Scemama

Antilife Maniacs, Susanne Wawra

You Always Looked So Fucking Cool, Victor Liu

L, O, L, Hannah Hiaasen

Verdant, Rebecca Froehlich

Slumber, Rebecca Froehlich

Distant Landscapes, Yeon Ji Yoo