Here you will find a modern-day saint. Judas as a bitter girl trapped in a forbidden romance. A Little League boys’ baseball team suffering a heartbreaking defeat. Frenzied preteens at a Pentecostal summer camp, filled with faith and desperation. Volume Four features larger than life religious figures appearing alongside quiet,ordinary moments of humans looking for meaning in loss, for certainty in uncertainty, for God or gods or a world without them.

A meeting between myth and truth, filled with darkness and heat. Like a premonition dream made of fragmented stories remembered half from the Bible, half from your own erratic thoughts of making out in the backseat with a ghost from your past. What future it foretells is for you to interpret.

This volume includes work from Dalton Day, Kristina Haynes, Grace Shuyi Liew, Bec Winnel, Sara June Woods, and other fantastic writers and artists.

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Genesis, Loisa Fenichell

If I Address God, Alexandra Stasiuk

Still Life Without Rabbit, Annette Oxindine

Feast and Famine, Samira Daukoru

What Some Version of Us Does in Kansas City,       M. Mack

ATLAS, Jane Huffman

Letter After An Illness, Antonina Palisano

A New Light Came Over Her Face, Molly McDaniel

Before Atheism, Molly McDaniel

Chloe Was Born, Kristina Haynes

Chloe’s Horoscope, Kristina Haynes

Chloe Indulges, Kristina Haynes

On the Fourth of July, Kristina Haynes

Boys of Summer, Lindsay Emi

Girl as America the Beautiful, Rachel Ronquillo Gray

Girl as Teenage Rebellion, Rachel Ronquillo Gray

6:57 PM, Scherezade Siobhan

illegal, Scherezade Siobhan

XOXO, Brandon Jordan Brown

Junior High Pentecostal Summer Camp, 1995, Brandon Jordan Brown

An Open Letter to Mischa B., Jay Julio Laureta

How to Lie, Jay Julio Laureta

Notes on Repression, Ava Goga

Hello I am watching the light, Dalton Day

Hello you are brushing your teeth, Dalton Day

Dear Hairless Tiny Teacup Pig Playing a Piano, Sara June Woods

Mad Love, Sarah Ghoshal

crickets chirping in the thick of the garden,         Giana Angelillo

Spirit Company, Marvin Shackelford

Ritual Worship, Alexandra Julienne

Ganzfeld, Anina Moore

Romans II, Matthew Ridley

Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Brianna Albers

On Judas, By the Town, Brianna Albers


The Calling of Saint Stanislaus, Kyle Hemmings

Club House: Letters to My Dead Wife, Lexi Covalsen

Interstitial Grace, Shuyi Liew

Lose the Bellyfat, MR Sheffield



Naked Summer, Katherine Minott

God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters,        Tony Cavalline

Anthropomorphism, Amy Guidry

Synergy, Amy Guidry

The Sum of Its Parts, Amy Guidry

The Ties That Bind, Amy Guidry

Wolfpack, Amy Guidry

Out of the Smoke Pt. 2, Franco Aguilar

407 West Howard series, Michael Nelson

Image 3, Bec Winnel

Annabel, Bec Winnel

(Don’t) Look at Me, Victor Liu

Marionettes, Victor Liu

They’re/Their Only Bodies, Victor Liu

La Dame Du Lac, Haylee Anne

L’Aube De Femmes, Haylee Anne

La Dame Solitaire De L’ete, Haylee Anne

La Femme, Haylee Anne

Mademoiselle Un Ha, Haylee Anne

Shift series, Lisa Wicka

Just Passing Through, Sarah Dillon

Animal Pharm series, Kirsten Stolle

Five Meditations on Gaia series, Jane Zich

Stone Fruit, Rory Corcoran

Demos - For a Hall of Portraits series,                Dimitra Ermeidou

Visible, Tianjiao Wang