Volume Three is WTR's most explosive edition yet! This volume includes work from Jeanann Verlee, June Tang, J. Bradley, Kyle McCord, Liz Robbins, Joe Kapitan, Duarte Vitoria and so many more incredible poets, short story writers and artists.

Imagine V3 as a pistol pointed at you by someone you loved, as an exploration into humanity, into how we affect each other, how we love one another. In terms of poetry, Jackson Trice's work revolves around love as tender as an open wound, while Jason Primm's work describes childhood and family with incredible subtly, with incredible softness, like the tremors of an earthquake. In Gabriella Gonzales' work , love is violent, it's obsessive, parasitic, growing and manifesting, boiling over, but still so painfully red and raw.

The short stories in V3 delves into family, into the incredible bond between siblings, between mother and daughter, between what is foreign and what is home. In "On Pluto, Eating Starfish", a young woman tries to make sense of a world which has given her a hospitalized mother, a distant step-father and a younger brother experimenting with blueberries, octopuses and the concept of regeneration. "Daily Bread" paints the unbearably poignant portrait of a desperate mother bearing the responsibility of two hungry children.

Finally the art in V3 completely blows our minds. From oil paintings, to art installments, to sculptures, to fantastically detailed drawings created of just pencil and paper, WTR has truly published exhilarating, emotionally puling pieces of contemporary art that exists not just in it's own universe, but in the space before a line break, the moment before a character decides on divorce.

In Volume Three, WTR has captured the essence of forgiveness, of regret, of whimsy desire, and guttural guilt.  V3 explores the love that is supermarket heartbreak, the love that is following the ghosts of drowned brothers, the love that is sitting outside someone's house waiting, just waiting for them to come out.

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Working Girl Kyle Hemmings

[you dream the scrawniest dream ever examined], Kyle McCord

Five Schools of Homemade Revenge, Julia Faulkner

River, Oriana Tang

Stray Dogs, Anita Ofokansi

Prism, Julia Faulkner

Donna, Frances Saux 

Fleeing the Murder (The Child), Jeanann Verlee

Biography of Mothers, Sarah LeWarn 

The Parents of Our Friends, Jason Primm

Some Town, Samantha Ardoin

The Skin Beneath Your Skin, June Tang

Sweet Potato Skins, Maddie Kim

Florida, 1988, J. Bradley

What I Learnt from the Last Time I Watched the National Geographic Channel, Rebecca Quek

Receipt, June Tang

Little Red, Liz Robbins

How did the author die?, Jeanann Verlee

Metro Diner, Gabriella Gonzales

Texts from Last Night, Gabriella Gonzales

Daisy’s Apocalypse, Gabriella Gonzales

Meet Me on the Night Sand, June Tang

Perspective, Lori DeSanti

E. Ninth, Gabriella Gonzales

Sweet Talk for Sophomore Year, Jackson Trice

Reprisal, Jackson Trice



On Pluto, Eating Starfish, Kristian Macaron

The Embrace, John Pistilli

Daily Bread, Chelsea Schott

Assisted Living, Joe Kapitan

John and the Beautiful Skyscraper, Cheyenne Varner

Lucy at Home, Christina Qiu


Suminagashis & Haikus, Alizirine Blandine

I Just Want To Be A Cloud, Su Wan Kim

Fideos, Julian Landini

In A Sentimal Mood, Julian Landini

Polenta, Julian Landini

Dreams of Regeneration, Igor Pjörrt

Please Leave, I’d Like To Be Alone With The Idea of Your Presence, Igor Pjörrt

Le Peuple De Le Mer, Haylee Anne

407 West Howard, Michael Nelson

Age Before Beauty, Kristina Thalin

Painting Janeth (Lamentation), Stephanie Gamarra

Slaughtered by James Elkins, Stephanie Gamarra

Thin Walls, Josh Ostraff

Afternoon Dad, Sara Pedigo

Board Game, Sara Pedigo

Crowded Living Room, Sara Pedigo

Explorers, Anne Welder

Secret, Anne Welder

Portraits, Elise Dodeles

Invalid, Su Wan Kim

Iterations, Vincent Fink

Water Series, Erika Craig

Visible, Tianjiao Wang

Ginta, Bec Winnel

Little Red, Sara Pedigo

Exit Six, Christopher Kienke

Burning Car, Jonathan Deltour

Doubts, Patryk Hadas

The Change, Camille Marie Rojas

Drive Her To Shore, Sara Pedigo

Venus, Patryk Hadas

Uterus, Duarte Vitoria

Visceral, Duarte Vitoria

Chromatic Maladies vii, Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten

Chromatic Maladies viii, Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten