Winter Tangerine Review's inaugural volume includes extraordinary poetry, prose and art from creative minds like Esther Yun, Elisa Muthing, Rebecca Kerr, Steven Labadessa, Peter Laberge and many more!  

You may read poems and short stories from Volume One by clicking their bolded titles below. If you would like to read more, order today!



Pax Romana, Elisa Muthig 

Champagne, Julia Falkner 

A Writing for Winter, John Cameron Blandford 

A Gift From El Niño, Rebecca Kerr 

Etiquette Lessons, Shirley Kuo 

Thalakooithal, Heleen DB 

What I Meant to Tell You on the First Date, Meggie Royer 

Calms of Cancer, Tionne Hilder 

Mecomings, Jasmine

Some Days I Wish I Could Speak a Little Louder, Elisa Muthig 

A Poem About Talking About Poems With You, Cheyenne Varner 

Fish Head Soup, Esther Yun 

How to Forget Everything: Day 1, Sarah Gawricki 

How to Forget Everything Day 21, Sarah Gawricki 

Ceremony, Dalia Ahmed 

How to Survive a War, Erin Mayer 

Dead; Grinning at a Party, John Cameron Blandford 

Izanagi, Heleen DB 

Dust, Nathan Durham 

James VIII, Lucy Wainger 

Turning Vernal, Peter LaBerge 

Rorschachs and Russian Dolls, Alice Eris Urchin 

Love Bullets, Nathan Durham 

Thousands of Ways to Kill a Person, Michal Lebowitz 

Reconciliation, Peter LaBerge 

Kinetic Energy, Julia Falkner



This Is Your Love Story, Lucy Wainger

We Were Always Eating Expired Things Then, Cheryl Julia Lee

Replaced With Stars, Emma Saraff

Portrait of a Palindrome, Alexa Derman

Moonflower, Dainiz Almazan

Lab Animals, Laura Hartenberger

You Left for Germany and I Became the Cause of Unrequited Love, Cheyenne Varner

Salt & Pomegranate, Emma Saraff


Ba Ngoai (Grandmother), Trinh Mai Thach

Envy, Daniella Clayton

Fish Skeleton, Christy Turner

Coming to America, Abbey Cebollero

Center Ring/Visual Tricks, Ken Morgan

Composite (K fin), Steven Labadessa

Ba Co Phu (Great-Great Grandmother), Trinh Mai Thach

Pass-Home, Isabella Mara

David, Daniella Clayton

Las Figuras, Camille-Marie Rojas

Waiting, Lisa Sterle

Má Cured in Vietnam, Trinh Mai Thach

Composite (Okaasan Series 1, vers. 2), Steven Labadessa

Street Show, Maureen Vachon

Neuron Magazine, Maureen Vachon

Fiddler #1, Christy Turner

All Dreamt Up, Abbey Cebollero

Ba Co Va Cac Con (Great Grandmother and her Descendants), Trinh Mai Thach

Touched, Marrianic Parra

Falling Asleep, Claire Yackley