Volume One

Elise Chou x Winter Tangerine 


I had a good friend in high school who lived in this gorgeous old house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It was really more of a mansion than a house; it had tons of rooms and turrets, doors disguised as bookcases, dark wood on the inside and stone on the exterior. It just looked like one of those houses that could definitely be haunted, even though it was beautiful. So my friend told me that when he was a kid in the house he had this imaginary friend named Mr. Spaghetti, and they would do everything together, play, talk, whatever. One day my friend drew a picture of Mr. Spaghetti for his mom, and it turned out he was a tall old man with red all over his head. When my friend's mom asked about the red crayon scribbled all over the man's hair, my friend explained that Mr. Spaghetti didn't have hair, he had red spaghetti coming out of his skull. And my friend genuinely, as a child, saw this person and thought of him as real. The freaky part is, the previous owner of the house had lived there for ages, until he got quite old, and actually died by falling down the stairs and hitting his head.